Does MovingWorlds offer field and/or in-case-of-emergency support?

Does MovingWorlds offer field and/or in-case-of-emergency support?

While MovingWorlds does not have team members in the field to provide you field support, our process gives you all the support you need, and we've had over 1,700 engagements without any incident! (Except for one Experteer who decided to try and ride a moped on the weekend in Vietnam and broke his arm… though still finished his Experteering project!)

During the planning process, you'll work directly with your host organization, and in the planning guide, you'll document the possible health and safety issues and concerns you might encounter, and how you'll deal with them. Also, because we connect you with a local team, you'll get real-time insight from people that live and work where you're going, and they will have the best guidance to help you be safe while volunteering overseas. You can review our full matching process to learn more about each step in the process, and check out this blog post with travel tips to help you prepare for the trip of a lifetime.
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      MovingWorlds is a Social Purpose Company, or SPC. That means that we are a for-profit with a social mission that measures success in terms of impact rather than solely financial bottom line, and that we re-invest the majority of our profits into ...
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