How can I "follow" a Host Organization, and what happens when I do?

How can I "follow" a Host Organization, and what happens when I do?

Picture this: you're browsing projects on our platform, and you come across a project posting that isn't quite right for you, but the host organization who posted it sounds AWESOME. You want to make sure that if they post any new projects, you're the first to know, so that you can apply! 

This is an example of where "following" the organization comes in handy. On the right-hand side of every project posting, you'll see an "About this Organization" section, giving a brief description of the organization with a "View Organization" link just below. 


When you click "View Organization", you'll be taken to the organization's profile, and you'll see the same two buttons that you see on project postings: a blue button to "request an introduction," and a green button to "save for later." 


The green "save for later" button will add this host organization to the list of organizations you're "following", and they will appear in a curated list accessible right from your dashboard. To see the list of organizations you're following, just click the heart-shaped "saved" icon on the left-hand side of your dashboard, and scroll all the way down. You'll see saved projects first, then saved organizations at the bottom.



For organizations on this list, you will be sent a message alerting you as soon as they've posted a new project. This feature is a great way to keep tabs on organization's you're interested in, and making sure you can be among the first to apply to projects you're really interested in!