How do I delete my account?

How do I delete my account?

From your dashboard, you can delete your account here.

If you have issues, just email us at

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    • My organization already has an account - how do I access it?

      If your organization already has an account and/or one of your colleagues has already posted a project, please email us with your request:
    • Notification emails from search / browse page

      On our browse page, you can subscribe for email updates when a new opportunity matches your search filters. This does not subscribe you to any marketing materials or other newsletters. If you already have an account, this will be added to your ...
    • How do I edit a project I've submitted to MovingWorlds?

      When you submit a project to MovingWorlds for review, our team may request that you resolve any issues found with the project before we move forward to publication. This video explains what factors MovingWorlds screens for when reviewing projects. To ...
    • Where do Experteers come from?

      Experteers come from all over the world! Projects can be conducted virtually, or in-person. If the project is in-person, Experteers travel on their own account, or via corporate or institutional partners. Our platform includes Experteers skilled in ...
    • Do I need a profile? How do I set one up?

      Yes, in order to start connecting with interested Experteers, you’ll need to complete the application for organizations, which will guide you through the process of creating an organization profile. To get started, complete the application form here, ...