How do you ‘vet’ all Experteers and Matches? Do you train Experteers?

How do you ‘vet’ all Experteers and Matches? Do you train Experteers?

Our Application and Matching process includes multiple stages of verification.

In order to be accepted into either our MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship Program or the TRANSFORM Support Hub for professionals, candidates must complete an application that includes the following information:

  • Professional experience
  • Motivation for wanting to participate 
  • Personal details

Next, they must complete their profile on our platform, which in addition to the information above includes links to external content, such as their:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Personal Website (if applicable)
  • Any relevant Social Media
  • Complete Resume

Once an Experteer has been accepted into one of our Programs, they will immediately be granted access to a host of resources which prepare them to create maximum impact while in the field. Every Experteer completes at least the following mandatory items:

  • MovingWorlds certificate-bearing Skills-Based Volunteering Best Practices Course, which covers elements of Human Centered Design, cultural sensitivity, and other best practices while in the field
  • The Experteer Planning Guide (in collaboration with you, the Host Organization Representative) to align on deliverables and logistics

In addition, the Experteer will also have access to our proprietary community of other current experteers, alumni, and staff members, where they can participate in case studies, join various workshops, and crowd-source information and best practices to effectively solve any issue they may be facing. By the time you begin working with your Experteer, you can be confident that they have the support of the MovingWorlds team and community behind them!

Our holistic matching and planning process ensures that verified Experteers are being admitted into MovingWorlds Programs, and then guided through a planning process where you'll be able to do the necessary due diligence on your Experteer. You can review the complete matching process here.

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