How does MovingWorlds ensure inclusivity in its hiring practices?

How does MovingWorlds ensure inclusivity in its hiring practices?

Inclusivity is at the heart of the global movement we're building here at MovingWorlds - both in terms of how we work with stakeholders, and how we hire and operate our team internally.

Our hiring process is transparent and designed to eliminate bias and welcome diverse backgrounds. Every new position begins as an internal proposal, where we align on the key criteria that would make a candidate successful in the position, as well as an assessment and assignment to screen for those criteria consistently and fairly.

When a candidate applies, they will be invited to complete a self-assessment as well as the pre-defined assignment. To remove potential bias, we use a blind screening process - meaning that the candidate's name and any identifying information are excluded during resume, assessment, and assignment reviews. We then rank-order the anonymized assessment and assignment scores, then invite the top scoring candidates to interview.

The interview process is highly structured, and each interviewing team member is given a specific criteria to screen for. To ensure equity, interviewing team members ask every candidate the same set of questions, which are then evaluated according to a pre-defined rubric.

Starting in 2022, we are implementing even more improvements — including additional training for our current employees, and more strategic outreach and recruitment to ensure that our team represents the global community we serve.

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