I’m an organization representative. How do I know which type of project to submit?

I’m an organization representative. How do I know which type of project to submit?

You can learn more about the different types of support requests you can make in this FAQ​.

The right project for you depends on your needs, and scope of the project. For example:

  • A trainer is a good option to upskill your team on a specific topic, and provide the tools you need to do it yourself in the future
  • An expert advice call is a good option to “gut check” a new idea you have with someone familiar with your industry
  • A coach is a good option to help you, as an individual, develop your leadership skills and shape how you approach and think through problems
  • A mentor is a good option for ongoing business advice from someone with industry experience
  • A consultant is a good option for a specific project with a clear outcome that you might otherwise hire a contractor to do, but don’t have budget for

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