Is International Volunteering work ethical? How can I make sure I volunteer ethically/sustainably?

Is International Volunteering work ethical? How can I make sure I volunteer ethically/sustainably?

Yes, but not always. 

Research shows there is a right and a wrong way to volunteer. Done wrong, it can cause more harm than good. Volunteering your skills, rather than participating in voluntourism, is proven to create lasting change in the most sustainable, ethical, and impactful way.

At MovingWorlds, we make sure that every project is skills-based, locally-led, and from a legitimate organization. We also educate all of our volunteers on best practices via an intensive training program prior to any experteering excursion. 

For more information, check out our #MakeVolunteeringMatter series for best practices and details about how to have a lasting positive impact on the communities you seek to help.

Additionally, here are some great articles that better explain the ethics of international volunteering:

  1. 8 factors to consider when finding a volunteering project overseas
  2. Ensuring that skilled volunteers land with impact
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