What are corporate connection requests, and how do I submit one?

What are corporate connection requests, and how do I submit one?

One of the key pillars of support available to you through the TRANSFORM Support Hub is the ability to make corporate connections, network with investors, and get introductions to sales and partnership opportunities. 

To initiate the process of making a corporate connection, you’ll need to submit a corporate connection request. To get started, login to your dashboard and select the “corporate connection” option from the left-hand menu. 

Once you’ve selected “corporate connection,” you will be guided through the following 4 steps:

  1. Goal: What is your primary goal in making this connection? If your goal is more exploratory, for example to learn more about how you might fit into a particular industry, select the “Exploration/conduct research/customer discovery” option. If you’re ready to pitch and looking for opportunities to do so, select the “sales contacts” option. If neither apply, select “other” and you will be prompted to provide additional details about your motivation.
  2. Goal Details: This is where you’ll answer a series of follow-up questions based on the selection you made in Step 1. For example, if you chose “exploration/conduct research/customer discovery”, we’ll ask you what business unit is most relevant to you. If you choose “sales contacts,” we’ll ask you if you have a pitch deck.
  3. Connection Type: This is your opportunity to let us know whether you have a specific organization/contact person in mind already, or whether you’re open to anyone in the TRANSFORM Support Hub global network that might fit your needs.
  4. Connection Details: If you indicated a specific organization or contact person in Step 3, you will provide additional information about them here.

When you’re done, hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page and it will be sent to our team!

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