What are the expectations of me as a host?

What are the expectations of me as a host?

Our ultimate goal is to connect host organizations to Experteers to form a mutually beneficial partnership, so to clarify expectations on both sides, we’ve outlined the Hosting Principles for Organizations as well as the Experteer Manifesto for Experteers.

As a host, we expect you to be responsive to communications from your Experteer and MovingWorlds, and to have a dedicated point of contact on your local team for the Experteer to work with and report to.

You will derive a LOT of value from an Experteer - it's the equivalent of having a highly-skilled consultant, and they are supporting you for free, plus helping make global connections.

For this reason, in addition to the hosting principles, we do ask you to offer local benefits, which will help you match with the right Experteer, faster.

While the benefits you choose to provide are up to you, a good place to start is to ask yourself: "What can our organization offer to facilitate opportunities for learning and connection for our Experteer throughout this engagement?" This particularly applies if you are working with your Experteer in-person. Experteers are independent professionals, and they certainly do not expect to be ‘entertained’ by you during all of their free time, but generally it is a good idea to plan for some onboarding time and a social activity during the first week(s) together.

In the past, we’ve seen that these extracurricular activities really help to encourage bonding and create buy-in. It also depends on the size of your team and resources available - in some cases, organizations have been successful in linking the Experteer to other colleagues on the team to encourage activities together outside of work either virtually or in-person. For in-person engagements, you can consider options such as a team dinner, road trip or visiting nearby cultural sites.