What does MovingWorlds do?

What does MovingWorlds do?

MovingWorlds operates a global platform that convenes partners from all sectors to build a more equitable, just, and sustainable economy by empowering social enterprises, and the people working with — and within — them.

We believe that social entrepreneurs are the on-the-ground heroes demonstrating that we can build a more just, equitable, and sustainable global economy. For more than a decade, we’ve been exploring how to best support them to grow revenues, create world-positive jobs, and scale-up impact. Through our programs, partnerships, and ongoing research, one thing has become increasingly clear: social enterprises need more than just financial investment to achieve their world-changing potential.

The right connections, resources, customers, and partners — at the right times — can make social enterprises more impactful, and successful. What we do is facilitate compounding connections that draw on the biggest “levers” from across sectors to support social enterprises.

Along the way, we’re helping individual professionals grow their careers for greater purpose and impact, socially responsible corporations achieve their ESG and sustainability targets, impact investors empower their portfolios, and governments develop healthier economies – all through the power of social entrepreneurship.

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    • Does MovingWorlds accept guest submissions for the MovingWorlds blog?

      No, MovingWorlds does not accept submissions for blog posts from outside of our network. However, if you would like to include MovingWorlds in a mission-aligned article for your own website or blog, we will be happy to re-share it and help amplify it ...
    • What is MovingWorlds’ business model?

      MovingWorlds is a Social Purpose Company, or SPC. That means that we are a for-profit with a social mission that measures success in terms of impact rather than solely financial bottom line, and that we re-invest the majority of our profits into ...
    • Does MovingWorlds offer Visa assistance?

      While MovingWorlds does not directly help you get a visa for travel, our planning process does guide you through the necessary steps. Not only do we provide tips on how to get a visa, but in the planning process with your host, you'll discuss the ...
    • Does MovingWorlds have a press and media kit?

      Yes, you can access our Press and Media Kit here to see the latest MovingWorlds press releases, MovingWorlds in the news, MovingWorlds thought leadership, as well as MovingWorlds logos.
    • Who is the team behind MovingWorlds?

      Headquartered Headquartered in Seattle (USA), MovingWorlds operates a remote team with staff across six countries and four continents. Learn more about the members of our team on our about page here.