What is the cost of participation?

What is the cost of participation?

Thanks to generous support from Unilever, EY, UK AID, and SAP, the TRANSFORM Support Hub is free for social enterprises.

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    • What is the cost to go Experteering?

      It depends on which program you go Experteering through. There are three ways for professionals to Experteer through MovingWorlds: As a member of the MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship: our social impact and career growth program for ...
    • What is the cost to participate?

      Thanks to generous sponsorship from TRANSFORM and our network of corporate partners, this program is free for professionals.
    • Am I required to provide accommodations during the engagement?

      While technically not required, for in-person projects we highly encourage host organizations to provide accommodations for the Experteer for the duration of the on-site engagement. Doing so will help you get matched faster to higher quality ...
    • What makes the MovingWorlds Platform for SESOs different from other solutions?

      There are four main differentiators that set the MovingWorlds Platform for SESOs apart from other capacity building platforms: Stress free program management: As a fully managed platform, you won’t have to budget for expensive set-up costs or ...
    • What is the MovingWorlds CSR Platform?

      The MovingWorlds CSR Platform is an all-in-one solution to help you achieve your ESG and sustainability targets, engage and develop your employees, and create measurable SDG-aligned impact - without expensive set-up costs or in-house management. The ...