What is the Experteer Planning Guide?

What is the Experteer Planning Guide?

When you are matched with your Experteer, MovingWorlds will send both you and the Experteer a link to your customized version of the MovingWorlds Experteering Project Planning Guide. This document covers important topics that you'll need to align on together to ensure a successful engagement, including:

  • Contact information & backup contact information
  • Arrival/departure dates and logistics of travel (if in-person)
  • Project information, including concrete deliverables
  • Work and team description
  • Project success and sustainability strategies
  • Learning goals and personal success metrics
  • Project and personal communication expectations and potential challenges

We’ve found that the more time you invest up-front to thoroughly complete the Planning Guide, the better the outcome of the project will be once the work officially begins. You and your Experteer can collaborate on filling out the document asynchronously through comments and tags, over a series of planning calls, or a combination of the two.

Once complete, sign and submit the Guide to MovingWorlds to confirm the formal match and start off your Experteering engagement.

Please note that for in-person projects, it is strongly suggested that the Experteer Planning Guide is completed before the Experteer has booked an airplane ticket to the Host Organization on-site location.

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