What’s the difference between “Basic” and “PRO” status? What actions can I take to achieve “PRO” status?

What’s the difference between “Basic” and “PRO” status? What actions can I take to achieve “PRO” status?

Organizations will have different tiers of support available to them based on their level of engagement in the TRANSFORM Support Hub. When your organization is first accepted into the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will automatically be given the “Basic” tier of support, which is described in further detail below:

Basic Benefits: 

  • Ability to submit a project
  • Ability to network with peers
  • Ability to attend webinars 
  • Ability to post in community 
  • Ability to complete learning
  • Ability to attend workshops with experts, but only as viewer, not an interactive participant 

As you work through the onboarding process and begin to use the different platform functions, you have an opportunity to earn “Pro” level support by taking the following actions within 30 days of acceptance into the program:

  1. Completing the scale-up  assessment
  2. Submitting any support request or Browsing and reaching out to one Experteer (request or respond to an introduction with an Experteer)
  3. Submitting an introduction on community- only need to do once
  4. Registering for one event
  5. Completing one learning module (excluding onboarding)

The “Pro” tier of support includes all of the benefits of “Basic” support, plus the following:

Pro Benefits include: 

  • Prioritized in reports to corporations looking for social enterprise partners
  • Prioritized in search results for Experteers looking to support social enterprises
  • Prioritized in MovingWorlds marketing and PR opportunities and social media mentions
  • Ability to request Design Challenges
  • Can attend workshops with experts and get coaching from experts
  • Ability to request a corporate connection

You’ll be able to see what tier of support you are currently qualified for by logging into your dashboard. Once Pro status is achieved, we ask that you complete one of the following actions every 90 days in order to maintain it: 

  • Post a project
  • Post in Community
  • Complete a learning module based on the results of your scale-up assessment 
  • Complete a monthly feedback survey (this does not include event or learning surveys)
  • Register for a monthly community event 
  • Request an introduction to Experteer
  • Contribute to a story