What types of skills can I find in an Experteer on MovingWorlds?

What types of skills can I find in an Experteer on MovingWorlds?

Theoretically, you can find Experteers with any type of business or technical skills.

Having said that, the skills we match most fall into the following skills categories:

  • Business Strategy & Operations
  • Marketing & Campaigns
  • StoryTelling (copywriters & videographers)
  • Finance & Reporting
  • Product Development

You can learn more about the different types of support that Experteers can provide on this page

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    • Who can be an Experteer?

      If you have demonstrable professional skills, you are qualified to be an Experteer! Our goal is to facilitate matches between volunteers and social impact organizations that create true shared value – meaning that you, as the volunteer, get something ...
    • I'm an experteer. What are the different project types, and how do I choose the right project for me?

      Finding the right project is key to maximizing your experience, and our findings indicate that being selfish in your selection actually benefits all parties. The better the project for the volunteer, the more likely you are to commit more hours and ...
    • How do I know if an Experteer is interested in my project?

      We have a full process to help you find and be matched with an Experteer that you can see in its entirety here. To summarize, when an Experteer is interested in an opportunity your organization has posted, they will request an introduction to you ...
    • What is the Experteer Planning Guide?

      When you are matched with your Experteer, MovingWorlds will send both you and the Experteer a link to your customized version of the MovingWorlds Experteering Project Planning Guide. This document covers important topics that you'll need to align on ...
    • What are my program options for experteering through MovingWorlds?

      There are three ways for professionals to Experteer through MovingWorlds: As a member of the MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship: our social impact and career growth program for professionals that combines the learning of a certificate course, ...