Who can be an Experteer?

Who can be an Experteer?

If you have demonstrable professional skills, you are qualified to be an Experteer! Our goal is to facilitate matches between volunteers and social impact organizations that create true shared value – meaning that you, as the volunteer, get something valuable from the experience, and the host organization you’re supporting also gets value out of the partnership to overcome challenges it would not have been able to otherwise. 


For that reason, the most important factor we screen potential Experteers for is real-world skills and experience. 


Who experteering is for:

  • Early-career professionals with at least 2 years of experience curious about the social impact space
  • Mid-career professionals seeking to give back or test a new career path
  • Senior-level professionals who want to use their wealth of experience to make a real difference, either alongside their full-time work on in retirement
  • Employees of companies looking to make a difference with the skills they use at work every day 
  • Graduate students with professional experience gained before entering the graduate program


Who experteering is not for:

  • High school or college students
  • Recent college graduates without real-world professional experience 
  • Medical professionals seeking to work with patients (MovingWorlds does not offer medical placements due to regulatory restrictions and potential ethical concerns)